Course Agenda

This course is broken into five main topics, plus an introduction and conclusion: 

1.    Introduction – speaker introduction, outline of presentation.

2.    Background – what are the origins of the term “greenwashing” and what are the market drivers?

3.    Definition(s) – what are some of the big-picture concepts that we use to define a broad term like greenwashing? What practices constitute greenwashing?

4.    Risks – discussion of the risks of greenwashing, including business risks, lawsuits or regulatory action, and costs.

5.    Guidance and Best Practices – overview of the Federal Trade Commission’s role, and general themes from the FTC’s guidance, specifically the Green Guides, as well as industry best practices. This section will also include specific examples from the FTC’s Green Guides.

6.    Framework – application of the FTC’s guidance to a framework for analyzing environmental claims and distillation of this guidance to a set of best practices.

7.    Conclusion – summary of presentation and overview of follow-on seminar, which will contain a series of real-world examples of “green” marketing, and analysis of compliance with FTC guidance and best practices.

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